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dangerous stretch of bay ar >> you can even see old rusted car bodied off the cliff. now that won't happen on a dangerous bay area roads. a bay area city is ill afforded. why it's offered millions. how a brave little girl survived a car crash that
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killed her father. tonight one of the bay areas most scene nick highways is ready to go underground. drivers will be steered around. we're told about one group that won't be sorry to see it go. >> reporter: it was one of the most beautiful but most dangerous, road. notorious for rock slides above and crumbling below. >> the sun in your eyes is hectic. >> are a fix has been a long time coming coming. >> you can see old rusted car bodies that's gone off the
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cliff. >> reporter: now a set of tunnels will keep that from happened. these tunnels are meant to provide a safer rout for drivers. the 439 manage dollars is necessary. >> it's devastated local economies. this is what they've been looking forward to. >> reporter: double slide and its scene nick views will be open to cars and sight seers and on lookers. >> we're excited about that. >> reporter: is this going to bring you back? >> definitely. in honor of the new double
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slide bypass they've created a new beer, tunnel vision ale. another major change, toll takers disappear this wednesday on the golden gate bridge. cost co, safe way or walgreens is where you can purchase your cards. you can drive through and wait for a bill to arrive in your mail. do not stop at the toll plaza. another soldier from the bay area has been killed in afghanistan. james griffin died last thursday. he was from hayward, went to mt. event event event deny. this was his fifth overseas deployment.
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he's survived by his wife, parents and sister. a man accused of killing at quant co says he's not the type to do this type of thing. marine core investigators say he killed lance corp practical and corp practical inside the barracks and then killed himself. authorities are knocking on doors to see if you're home to see if you're home in san mateo county. if someone answer it is door they ask for directions but if no one is home they break in. if there is a suspicious person in the neighborhood
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get a good description. the mosaic installed on the side of the bethany presbyterian church shows a phoenix rising from the ashes. it's become the winning strategy to hold onto jobs, give them incentives to stay. kpix finds out what it will cost and what the city is getting. >> getting a business in california is next to impossible. >> reporter: apparently movers and shakers were thinking of the possibility.
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governor brown and mayor signed an agreement to promote samsung expansion in san jose. according to the mercury news, it's worth lots of money per employee for five years. >> they'll go from 500 employees to 2000 employees over the next couple of years. >> reporter: the deal brings environment environmentally friendly event event event research center. samsung is already in austin where employees are 2500 and is expanding their
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plant. >> more smaller size company to come to get closer to samsung, to get closer to the cyst co. i think in the long run it's a benefit to san jose. >> the city says it's not giving anything away except future tax breaks. on tuesday the supreme court will hear a challenge to proposition 8. the voter passed initiative defines marriage between a man and a woman. >> when we talk about fund meantlized as related to the constitution we're talking about those sacred of all the rights we have. the united states supreme
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court describes it as such. >> a challenge to the federal defense of marriage act will be heard this week. there was a rally in new york today. >> reporter: people are camping out in front of the supreme court. tuesday they focus on california's proposition 8. wednesday the court looks at the constitution natural tickets of the act. >> this ultimately is not about marriage. it's about fundamentally altering society. >> reporter: austin is part of the legal team defending proposition 8 band. >> this is the last time we need them to interject themselves and remove
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rights from the people. >> reporter: hundreds of the people who wanted to see this made their voices heard. >> reporter: they organized events in all 50 states to build momentum. >> give me a break. i've earned this, a spot being an american. >> reporter: nine states and the district of columbia recognize same sex marriages. >> i'm realizeing today it's important to me as a parent not to have someone tell my kid who they can marry. republican strategist karl roe can imagine supporting
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same sex marriage. there is less opposition opposition. rob horton now supports same sex marriage after learning one of his sons is gay. a serious parking problem in southern california. >> reporter: you cold? >> yes. >> reporter: you scared? >> yes. a little girl in the hospital that survived a crash that killed her father. >> we see not only clouds but changes ahead. as we look toward the bay bridge and the temperatures, we'll have it all for you coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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electronic flight informati board fell on them at an ala airp a woman and two of her sons are improving after being injured after an information board fell on them at a birmingham airport.
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one son was killed. the mother is recover recovering after under going surgery. the family was flying home. a story of determination and survival. a nine-year-old car escapes a car wreck in the middle of the night and searches for someone to save her father. >> were you cold? >> yes. >> reporter: were you scared? >> yes. >> reporter: she's described as a responsible little girl. >> she didn't panic. >> reporter: she went looking for help after her dad lost control in this raven. she was with her 35-year- old father at a friend's home. the father could not
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negotiate this curve and he and his daughter became airborne crashing in the raven below. after smelling gas she turned off the engine. she hiked to find someone, climbing hills and she waived down a passer by. >> she started yelling his name. >> reporter: there are bumps and bruises but she is saddened by the death of her father. >> she really reacted in a responsible manner. >> reporter: the coroner will conduct toxicology test. her sister, cousin and caregiver is by her side side. >> investigators say the girl and her father were on their way home from from a
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party. her mother is in jail. for sale signs are heating up. circumstances are unusual. we look at both sides of the housing market. >> reporter: this family is moveing out and time to remove into the retirement community up north. >> there are very few houses on the market. we're going to sell middle of june end of may. >> reporter: 2 bedroom san francisco lot of, $925,000. sold sight unseen for over a million dollars. >> the right price came up, walking distance from
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school, fits our stuff and was at our price point. rather than stall and lose it we pulled the trigger. >> reporter: there were multiple offers above asking. we're back up to full pricing 2008. what we're saying to the sellers is it's safe to come back into the market. you can get your value out of the market. >> reporter: they say it makes perfect sense to sell now. today there are about 900 homes for sale here when it was double about a month ago. >> you have to stage to get an excellent amount of money out of it. >> mortgage rates are back down to historic lowes.
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the interest rates fell to 3.54. >> my parents built a home in holmes center in 1962 for $12,000. >> oh my gosh. >> i was just thinking of my dad watching in holmes center tonight, people paying a million dollars. >> speaking of nuts, the weather has been a bit crazy. >> i think that was a segway to me. 53 oakland, liver moore 54 degrees. it was beautiful over the weekend. i.'s going to cool down a little bit over the work week. temperatures around 52 degrees.
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we've got high clouds coming in for the rest of the bay area and will make their appearance tonight. clouds on the increase and it might turn a little wet for the north bay on wednesday. for most of the bay area this will be a dry week. the next shot of rain will come in next weekend. look at the big freeze over much of the upper mid-west and out of new england, new york city 39 degrees and boston is 41. nation's capital at 39. our dry weather will persist until the end of the week. wednesday's chance is not much of a chance. if you want to see what things are going to look like in advance that's why we have future cast. look at the clouds coming
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in over the bay area. we have peaks of sunshine tomorrow. 70 in sacramento, 80 in treasure no. we have mostly sunny skies tomorrow, little patchy fog especially near the shore line. inland and around the bay aok. 72 for la chicago 37 with rain and snow. back in the bay area, 68 in napa livermore tops out at 65. numbers cool a little between now and mid-week. slight chance of a shower on wednesday. aside from that high and
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dry. the next time the models kind of agree, i don't know why, but ann wants an entire dry weekend. >> it's easter sunday and kids want easter egg hunts. >> sunday looks wet but maybe not. >> maybe the easter bunny can hide indoors. had is not where a couple intended to go out for a night on the tight. the chain of events that got them in this predicament. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ man ] they're big. strength we n count on. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. this animated caveman comeds a big crowd- pleaser this weekend. the croods -- a
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3-d adventure from dreamwor was at the top of the box office. this animated cave man comedy was a crowd pleaser this weekend. this was at the top of the box office. the movie took in nearly $48 million this weekend. limb pus is fallen did well and so did oz. a night out on the town for one couple ended with their car own a roof. the woman said something went wrong. as soon as they hit the corner their air bags deployed and they couldn't see. they went through a neighbor's yard, flipped and landed on the roof of their
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neighbor's house. >> smash, crash boom. may neighbor said paul, quick, i think there's been an accident. >> neighbor's pulled out their ladders to get the couple down. the man inside the house was not hurt and the roof needs minor repairs. >> why didn't they put on the breaks when the air bags deployed. >> you're just zoophilouserred by that time. what was a progolfer doing in a ee. florida gulf coast trying to make history. we'll tell you if they did it right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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after upsetting okay, a show of hands who had florida gulf coast in their bracket. not me. >> after upsetting georgetown friday night, they're at it again. they're taking out san diego state. they become the first 15 seed to make it to the sweet 16. they take on florida in the next round. finish for the day, aaron craft at the buzzer to sink iowa state 78- 78-75. [ inaudible ] the lady cardinals move on. garcia had to climb out of a tree to whack his ball out.

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